Sunday, August 26, 2012

So many things I still want to accomplish. So much I know I am supposed to do. Not because of anyone elses expectations, or presumptions....but because I know I am called to do them.

When we surrender, we don't give up.....we abandon control. Whether it's screaming to the sky with clenched fist, or on our knees next to a loved one who's passed, a moment of awareness that our finances are so out of control, and maybe a moment of fear that shakes our inner being...That takes courage. For some, it is in the midst of trial or chaos, for others it can be on the journey of searching, or maybe it's an example of authenticity right before our eyes. No matter what brings us to the point or place, where we know, we no longer have control with any chance of a positive outcome...... we must yield to allow God to move on our behalf...... It;s a conversation, starts real simple..... God, I need you. Forgive me. Save me. Fill me. Use me. I want the fill in the rest... He's waiting.

Purposefully Positioned,

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