Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So I am (finally) thankful for my 'gifts'. For most of my life I have lived thinking I was never enough for anyone. Especially me. Too often, feeling like I would never measure up and too often, someone either told me so or treated me, as if. This allowed me to build walls and learn to SHOUT life so as to be heard.
If you know me at all, (and if you are my friends list you may know me from as long ago as last week or from before I was born!).... you know that I live life, loud. Not as loud as previously in life, but still, loud. However, I am not sharing about mere volume...exactly.
The measure, or volume, of God's gifts given to each of us, His design from the beginning, is to bless others with those gifts. Not designed to please ourselves....specifically. So when I cook, sew, scrap, clean, build, iron, throw a party..... use my gifts.....it's loud in a deep kinda way. Not to be heard, but to be a blessing..... I hope you are blessed, because I am thankful for you.

Purposefully Positioned,

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