Friday, January 27, 2012


It always happens when I go to the market..... I smile and I get a look of wonderment from others... like, 'what is wrong with her?' or 'is she high on something?'. It always brings a giggle to me inside.

We are always hearing how we need to be a reflection of Christ as christian women. Never show the inside face, always wear kindness and understanding on the outside.
Recently, in a group I am blessed to facilitate, we discussed how masks and facades can really distract people from knowing the 'real me'. We also learned of a statistic that said every women/person tells at least 4 lies a day! Now without going through the math of that for the per year figure.... let's talk a little about one of the most common lies we all tell....When asked 'How are you?" we respond most often...."just fine!"
It's work to be happy when we are sad! It's work to not talk about what's going on that has our spirit all riled up! Wouldn't it just be easier if we just answered the simple question, 'How are you, today?', with "hangin' in there!" or " just wait'in on Jesus!".
Now sometimes we ourselves will ask someone how they're doing and get an answer we didn't expect! More like a 15 minute rundown about their woes and offenses! So be prepared!

Let's be considerate of each other and truthful, honest, sincere, graceful, and compassionate.
I always say..... let's keep it simple because the world can sure make it complicated.

Purposefully positioned,

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  1. I think some may feel they might sound like they are complaining, but you gave great examples of answering truthfully, but without complaining. :)