Friday, March 9, 2012

Empowered vs Entitled

We say, Yes Lord, I believe in you..... We say, Yes Lord, I will follow you.... We say, Yes Lord, I will walk in your ways.....
Then we bend down and put on our own shoes, we get out our day timers for our schedules, we even pull out our bibles for a devotion to see what more God has for us to shine about.......
Empowered or entitled...?
Early in our ministry we had the privilege of sitting under some powerful teaching ministry. You know, the kind of ministry that - when you left the sessions you felt like you could go out and start your own ministry and leave an impact on your community, your neighborhood, your work place... maybe even the world!!
You step more deliberately, you begin to look at the way you dress, how you speak, you may even approach leadership about the new call God has on your life a child of the KING, you just have to share with the world!!!! .....It's always the few days after you arrive back home that the shine fades, the kids activities are there, the husband is so relieved you are home to pick up what he left everywhere, and you are back to getting up fifteen minutes late - back to so busy - you haven't pick up your bible or done a personal devotion for several days.
You see, the teaching you attended was to empower you, not entitle you - just because you attended. Take that word and get empowered to go forward, to be sharpened, to be used, to really live out the call God has on your life.... we all have one. Yes, we do! To live a life filled so much more than what we can imagine.
How we look at God, how we see Him, is how we need to live Him.

Purposefully Positioned,

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