Thursday, June 14, 2012

SOoooo have you thought about a little prayer for that thing you can't get over..... how about the thing you know you want to do but don't feel like you are, or would be, able to accomplish it..... The impossible looks absolutely IMPOSSIBLE???????  Check out how God can give you more than you could ever imagine..... If only you could just get out of the way and trust.... Stop allowing disappointment, devastation, heartbreak, and injustice(s) hold you back.....

"God appeared to Abraham at the Oaks of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance of his tent. It was the hottest part of the day. He looked up and saw three men standing. He ran from his tent to greet them and bowed before them.He said, "Master, if it please you, stop for a while with your servant. I'll get some water so you can wash your feet. Rest under this tree. I'll get some food to refresh you on your way, since your travels have brought you across my path." They said, "Certainly. Go ahead."
Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah. He said, "Hurry. Get three cups of our best flour; knead it and make bread."Then Abraham ran to the cattle pen and picked out a nice plump calf and gave it to the servant who lost no time getting it ready. Then he got curds and milk, brought them with the calf that had been roasted, set the meal before the men, and stood there under the tree while they ate.The men said to him, "Where is Sarah your wife?" He said, "In the tent."
 One of them said, "I'm coming back about this time next year. When I arrive, your wife Sarah will have a son." Sarah was listening at the tent opening, just behind the man.
Abraham and Sarah were old by this time, very old. Sarah was far past the age for having babies. Sarah laughed within herself, "An old woman like me? Get pregnant? With this old man of a husband?"
God said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh saying, 'Me? Have a baby? An old woman like me?' Is anything too hard for God? I'll be back about this time next year and Sarah will have a baby."
Sarah lied. She said, "I didn't laugh," because she was afraid.
But he said, "Yes you did; you laughed."  Gen 18

Will you laugh.............? Or will you trust........?

Purposefully Positioned

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