Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I am RE-posting here... some of you don't do facebook!

So...about this time, in 2012.... I was hungry. Hungry for more of what I KNEW God was calling me to. I couldn't find the tools, the conference, video, or even book, that felt like a 'fit'. I heard two women on WAYFM and KLOVE - give snipets of encouragement and advice, as how to be a 'Proverbs Woman' in today's world. Lysa and Renee...So I started surfing the web and 'stumbled' on the She Speaks Conference page.
And there it was.That flip of the heart & feel good race of emotions -confirmation. He had spoke ever so softly to me ten years prior...'you need to speak, write, and lead more'. I ignored Him. I confess! Wrapped with fear, and the negative voices spoke over me, the voices I allowed to hold my calling captive! It was easier to ignore, than follow His lead. ... so I thought.
I remember posting on my facebook page..."I know I am called to go, now to believe for the funds."
Within 20-30 minutes a beautiful gesture for the full amount...a pvt message..."the Lord said you are to go. Get me the amount"..plane, room, event......
Shocked and feeling SO humble....I attended my first She Speaks Conference 5 months later.
This year will be my third year. This year I meet with a publisher. This year I will again, attend the Pre-Conference and speak in front of my sister peers. This year.... I will fully answer the call.
That private message, that GIVER,....it was an act of obedience and love that changed my life. I am FOREVER grateful. I look forward to the challenges of the call and I KNOW, the tools gained at the SS Conference, the women who speak into our lives there, the forever connections made....will bless me for eternity.
She Speaks Conference..... Pray about it.

Purposefully Positioned,

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